Two Castle Tour

Mike and I both work Monday to Friday, 9-5 (more or less). Like most people who work during those busy commuter hours, we spend a lot of the time out of the house, and away from our little one. Although we have always really cherished our weekend time with one another, now that we are both back to work full time since my maternity leave, the weekends are even more precious. Two weekends ago, we decided to take a day, and enjoy some much needed family time. Mike, Mia and I headed out first thing Saturday morning to Rockport, Ontario to embark on a full day cruise. The cruise headed to two different castles in the Thousand Islands with a healthy lunch in between visits. Since it was the last day for cruises for the season, our boat was not very full and we had loads of room to stretch out and enjoy.

Our first stop was at Boldt Castle. I had been once before with my parents, but since it was so long ago I had only very faint memories from the trip. Walking through the grounds, and castle with Mike and Mia felt like a whole new experience for the three of us. We had an hour and a half to explore the castle on our own. At first we thought it would be way too much time, but in the end we were running to make sure we got back to our boat before it departed! There was so much to see, and we barely scratched the surface. The story behind the castle is a romantic, but sad one. If you want to read about the historic love story feel free to click here.

Once we made it back to our boat, we were able to take a load off and enjoy some lunch. Personal picnic baskets were waiting for us, and Mike, Mia and I were able to indulge in all the goodies before our next stop, Singer Castle! This experience was a little different than at Boldt Castle, as it was a guided tour. Although it was a little more difficult to follow along with a busy one year old, Mike and I really enjoyed listening to our guide explain the history behind every room and space in the castle. He was so passionate, which made him even more fun to listen to.

Once our guided tour was complete we hopped back on the boat, and settled in for the ride back to the mainland. Mia enjoyed a short but sweet nap in her stroller while Mike and I sipped a hot coffee and chatted about how great our day had been.

Overall this was an awesome experience, and I would highly recommend checking out the Two Castle Tour! It’s a short drive from Ottawa along the gorgeous Thousand Island Parkway, and a beautiful boat ride around the St. Lawrence River. Oh! and don’t forget your passports if you’re not from the United States, as the boat crosses over to the US side of the waterway.

Thanks for reading!

J xo



Written by Jessie